October at Sawtooth


Front Gallery



Ella Condon (NSW / NY), Magali Duzant (NY), Mark John Smith (NY), Matt Whitman (NY).

SMOKE (2015), Digital video, 55" 4K Polaroid Flat Panel Monitor, Media Player. Courtesy of the artist.


Middle gallery


Culture Matters

Will Stackhouse (TAS)

TORN... the power of a mother's love (2015), bronze. Courtesy of the artist.


New media gallery


24 Hours

Julien Scheffer (FR / TAS)

Image: 24 Hours (still) (2015), video projection, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.


@Sawtooth pop up space


Assemble Gingerbread World

Holly Leonardson (TAS)

Trim With Coloured Sugar (detail)  (2015), paper collage. Courtesy of the artist.


portal space


Let me show you my topia

Vered Snear (IL / US), Ryota Sato (JP / US)

October Writer: Karen Hall

Vered Snear (video still) (2015). Image Bottom: Ryota Sato (video still) (2015). Courtesy of the artists.

Let me show you my topia is Part II of a four-month video and writing project titled Pausing just to keep up.

Pausing just to keep up

September-December, 2015

Sawtooth ARI, Tasmania, Australia

Artists: Jess English (AUS/US), Oscar Gracida (MEX/US), Umber Majeed (PK/US), Ryota Sato (JP/US), Alma Sinai (IN/US), Vered Snear (IL/US), Jeremy Olson (US), Andy Wentz (US).

Contributing writers: Fernando do Campo (AUS/US), Karen Hall (AUS), Claire Krouzecky (AUS/US), Will Lee (US), Gillian Marsden (AUS), Deborah Malor (AUS), Patrick Sutczak (AUS).

Curator: Fernando do Campo (AU/US)