About Sawtooth ARI

Sawtooth ARI is an Artist Run Initiative gallery based in Launceston, Tasmania committed to servicing our community through the provision of a quality exhibition program. We showcase contemporary and experimental art by local, interstate and international artists at various stages of their professional career.

Our Mission

We aim to foster dialogue, promote excellence and provide a forum platform for engagement and discussion around ideas and contemporary visual arts practice.


2018 Board

Liam James


Darryl Rogers


Kim Lehman

Public Officer

Jessica Dorlof



Paul Murphy



Kathryn Camm



Stewart Ralph


Ashleigh Whatling



The history of our organisation stretches back more than 12 years. In this time the organisation has grown and changed, redefining itself as required to suit the changing dynamic of the arts in the community.


2017 - Present: Darryl Rogers

2015 - 2016: Karen Hall

2014 - 2015: David Hamilton

2013 - 2014: Patrick Sutczak (Website)

2011 - 2013: Troy Ruffels (Website)


2018 - Present: Liam James

2017 - 2018: Paul Eggins

2015 - 2016: Patrick Sutczak

2014 - 2015: Marisa Molin (Website)

2013 - 2014:  Fernando do Campo (Website)


Community Arts Program

We are committed to servicing our community through the quality of our exhibition program. Parallel to this we recognise that we are one of the few venues in the area capable of supporting community initiatives, and in this, occasionally use the umbrella of a Community Program to host events, exhibitions and workshops from selected organisations.