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RACT Insurance Tasmanian Portraiture Prize 2016

The Tasmanian Portraiture Prize presented by RACT Insurance is a prestigious award for Tasmanian artists, aged 30 and under. The prize, which started in 2008, is open to artists across many disciplines, with past award recipients working in mixed media, print, photography, painting, video and drawing.


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Takayna Hypostasis

Soma Lumia (TAS)

Darryl Rogers, Troy Merritt, Joe Robinson, Brendan Hodkinson, James Riggall, Mike Cruze, Bruce Andrews

Takayna Hypostasis (detail), digital still, dimensions variable (2016). Courtesy of the artists.


Project space


Edacious Paraphernalia

Samantha Dennis (TAS)

Edacious Paraphernalia (detail) (2016). Courtesy of the artist.