March at Sawtooth


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Off The Wall - Street Art Exhibition

Finalists: Anopsy (NETHERLANDS), Ashleynicholls (VIC), Brain Foetus (TAS), Bromunkey (CANADA), D.A.P. (ITALY), GCMA (TAS), Jean Laine (FRANCE), Jesse Olwen (CANADA), Louise Thrush (TAS) and Nokay (SINGAPORE/HONG KONG)


The Off the Wall Street Art Exhibition showcases the ten finalists of the Off the Wall street art competition, which aims to encourage legal street art in the Launceston municipality, while helping to reduce tagging.

The project aims to engage street artists in legal work that emphasises the aesthetic value of street art as a legitimate art form and highlights the diversity of forms to a broader audience.  By placing street art in a professional context, artists can be acknowledged, developed and promoted, while enabling artworks to be curated, exhibited, conserved and archived.

Commissioned street art enlivens our public space, reinterprets the more mundane elements of our built environment, and offers a significant drawcard to thinkers, tourists and artists in exploring and experimenting in the city.  By professionalising and preserving an art form that is by nature subversive, anonymous, ephemeral and provocative, street art not only has the capacity to reflect a fleeting moment in time, but can become part of our celebrated and unique cultural heritage.

Winner: Brain Foetus (TAS)
Runner up: Louise Thrush (TAS)

Off the Wall Judging panel: Jamin, Fernando do Campo, Ben Miller, Marisa Molin, Nathan Gelston, Leanne Hurst, Damien Quilliam, Fiona Ranson, Wendy Newton

Exhibition Curator: Marisa Molin

middle gallery

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Half Full / Half Empty

Amber Koroluk-Stephenson (TAS)

Project space

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Tide Travellers

Edna Broad (TAS)