June at Sawtooth


Front Gallery

Isis in the Midnight Garden 2017 Mixed Media on Board.jpg

Manifesting Monsters

Jess Taylor

Saturn Devouring His Son (2016), 3D printed plastic, digital print, table, frame, dimensions variable

Middle Gallery

Dexter Rosengrove Self Portrait 2017 Digital Photograph.jpg

Plane Crash Video

Matte Rochford

Install view, 2018



Penny Mason Storm Debris White Beach #4 2018 Watercolour & Ink on Paper.jpg

Critical Points

Paul Murphy

Clay extrusion (2018)


Project Gallery

Susan Quinn Entities 1 2016 Digital Image Ink on Porcelain Tile.jpg


Isaac Williams

Chair (2017), Steel Frame & Cork, Dimensions Variable


Gate Space


Nothing Solid

Caoife Power, Douglas Schofield & Bradlee Wiseman

Bradlee Wiseman, Some uneven terrain between me, the ground and that puddle of water (2018), Mixed media on stretched canvas, 45cm x 28cm x 2cm.