June at Sawtooth


Front Gallery


Monkey, pee and the mask

Terry Urbahn, Catherine Bagnall and Richard Reddaway (NZ)

Monkey, pee and the mask (2016), works on paper and mixed media installation.

Courtesy of the artist..


Middle gallery


A Possible World

Sarah Brown (VIC), Andy Hutson (TAS), Kim Jaeger (TAS), Ross Taylor (VIC)

Elephant Stitch (2016), pencil on paper, 84 x 59cm.


DaRK space


The Cup Project

University College Program (TAS)

Curated by Ashley Bird and Jen Dickens (TAS)

The Cup Project (2016), dimensions variable.

Courtesy of Jen Dickens.


Project space


Reflecting the Edge

Simon Gregory (TAS)

Untitled (BPRP) (2015), Balsa wood, Perspex and acrylic paint, dimensions variable

Courtesy of the artist.


gate space


Mulling Adversity

Leah Wilkinson (TAS)

Image: Mulling Adversity (2016)

Courtesy of the artist..