July at Sawtooth


front gallery

FRONT Liam.jpg

It Is Not It That We See

Curated by Liam James

Works by: Pat Brassington, Christl Berg, Troy Ruffels, Mish Meijers, Jen Dickens, Nicole Robson, Simon Cuthbert, Annika Koops, Laura Hindmarsh, Sean Fennessy, Lou Conboy, Kate Kirby, Aiden Morse, Felix Wilson, Kieran Sullivan, Nik Lee and Johnathon Ainslie (TAS)


middle gallery

MIDDLE Deb.jpg

A Collection of Allegorical Imagery, Music & Objects

Mathew Carey and Jamie Stacey (TAS)

Project space

PROJECT Marian.jpg

Celebrating NAIDOC: a diverse collection of contemporary Aboriginal art work.

Curated by Brigitte Wolfe


@sawtooth pop-up space


Join Curator Brigitte Wolfe and artists

for a round table discussion at Sawtooth ARI in celebration of NAIDOC.

new media gallery

NEW MEDIA Darryl.jpg


Darryl Rogers (TAS)