February at Sawtooth


Front Gallery

Front Gallery_Elly Steinlaf_Surroundings#9.JPG


Elly Steinlauf

Surroundings #9 (2018), Archival Paper, 29cm X 21cm


Middle Gallery

Middle Gallery_Alana Collins_Diamond in the Rough.jpg


Alana Collins

Diamond in the Rough (2017), Graphite on Paper, 21cm X 29.7cm


Project Gallery

Project Gallery_James Little_SS18.jpg


James Little

“SS18” Sawtooth Installation (2018), Dimensions Variable


Dark Gallery

Dark Gallery_Vanessa White+23 Degrees West.jpg

23 West

Vanesse White

23° West (2018), Screen Grab


Gate Space


Pulling the Strings

Hugh Kerr

Ship of Fools (2017), Oil on Canvas. 61cm X 77cm