August at Sawtooth


Front Gallery


Coming into land

Ross Byers (VIC)

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts (2016).

Courtesy of the artist.


Middle gallery


Journey Man - works in process

Ralf Haertel (TAS)

Que River Road - Fire Dance 1, (2016), Natural dyed silk, acrylic on canvas.Courtesy of the artist


DaRK space


Lines of Site

Curated by Karen Hall (TAS)

Artists: Robert Boldkald, Caroline Heine, Wendy McGrath, Graeme Miles, Julie Montgarrett, Lydia Nicholson Amelia Rowe, Mary Peacock, Patrick Sutczak, Helene Weeding.

Karen Hall, Domestic Alignment (2016), digital image, dimensions variable.

Courtesy of the artist.


Project space


Object Permanence

Kiera Brew Kurec (VIC)

Untitled (2016), clay, gold leaf, cotton.

Courtesy of the artist.


gate space


Far From Country: Truginini Tunnerminnerwait Maulboyheenner

Pamela Horsley (TAS)

Image: The First Execution (triptych detail) (2012), media, oil, and collaged paper on canvas.

Courtesy of the artist.