August at Sawtooth


front gallery

FRONT Matthew.jpg

Another Country

Matthew Newton and Sarah Rhodes (NSW)

Sarah Rhodes catalogue


middle gallery

MIDDLE Helene.jpg


Helene Weeding (TAS)

Project space

PROJECT Neil.jpg

The Form of the Figure

Neil Grose (TAS)


@sawtooth pop-up space

POP UP Artskool.jpg

2D+3D: The Displaced Image

ARTSKOOL (Melanie Fidler & Paul Eggins)

new media gallery

I Heart Video Art

Curated by ANCA Gallery (ACT)

Works by: Alexander Boynes, Nicci Haynes, Caroline Huf, Ellis Hutch, Janice Kuczkowski, Blaide Lallemand, Heike Qualitz, Dan Vukovljak, Danny Wild and Amelia Zaraftis (ACT)


August catalogue + invite