April at Sawtooth


Front Gallery


The Walking Project 2015

Mary Peacock (VIC)

The Map 2015 (detail) (2015), Tissue paper, PVA glue, watercolour, graphite, pen and ink, dimensions variable.

Courtesy of the artist.


Middle gallery


Corner of William and George

William Rhodes and George Rhodes (TAS)

IA note to self (2016), pencil on paper.

Courtesy of the artist.


DaRK space



Sean Coyle (NZ)

Wonderland #1 (2016), digital print, LED lightbox, 36 x 85 cm.

Courtesy of the artist.


@saWTOOTH POP-UP space

POP UP.jpg

St.Patrick's College Senior Art Award Recipients 2015

Sarah Kim and Grace Saunders (TAS)

Sarah Kim, (2015), block print on rice paper.